Premium free week wont start

By garasakal 3 years ago

I got 1 week free + 1 year premium other day

Everytime opening vpn app requested apple id pass

Once i cancelled premium changed to standart version

I cancelled subscription, re-buy but premium wont start

I use itunes store with a valid card with enough money in

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Thanks for the message. There are few things you may try:

First, try to restart the app and/or your phone. In case of poor connection to iTunes (it's not related to your internet connections, sometimes Apple’s servers are overloaded or not responding).

Second, make sure purchase has been completed. You may do that by going to Aloha Settings -> Premium. If it will still show you 'Try premium screen', scroll all the way down till you see 'Restore' purchase link. Tap it and follow the instructions. It will restore trial (or purchase), and, if it will say ‘Nothing to restore’, try to sign up for trial again. Don’t worry, it works through Apple mechanisms and won’t let you sign up twice.

If it won’t help please let me know.



[had to register for the community 3 times, then session timed out..Whew! Finally got here]

I purchased annual premium which works fine on two devices - iPhone and WiFi iPad.

Premium will not activate on third device, an old iPhone 4S, iOS 9.3.5. When I click on "Restore Purchase" the response is two-fold: "you are not allowed to authorize payments" and "In-app purchases are not allowed"

The iphone 4s does not have a data plan or cellular carrier but does have WiFi ( same as iPad).




I had General>Restrictions>In-App Purchases

turned off.

Thanks for a great browser!!!


How do i cancel my subscription?



Please follow the link to learn how to manage your App Store subscriptions:

Let us know if you have any questions!

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