Transferring downloads from an iPad

By Tony Raven 14 months ago
In Progress

If you follow the guide on how to transfer downloaded files from an iPad using iTunes ( there should be a settings button on the bottom right of the download window that allows you to switch on iTunes File Sharing. Its there on my iPhone browser but on the iPad browser there is an information (i in a circle), button where the guide says a settings button should be, and that just gives you the total download files size and free space. Is this a bug or has the iTunes File Sharing switch been moved elsewhere (I haven't been able to find it if it has). Attached files show what the guide says should be, and what actually is, on the screen

Before saying I can use Airdrop or Cloud, the latter is impractical as it seems to only do one file at a time and I have lots of files to transfer. For the Cloud I have about 50Gb of files and thats a lot of uploading and then redownloading to do to transfer all the files

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Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback. What Aloha version on iPad do you have?