Unable to download video ; Legal Warning Copyright Issue

By Alif Sufyan 3 months ago

I am unable to download any video as the legal warning about copyright issue will pop up. I have tried this with almost every website i know. However, my friend is able to download the videos with no problem. Please help thank you

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Hi there,

We had to disable downloading video content in some sites due to App Store restrictions, your friend must have older Aloha version.


so we can’t download any video from any websites if we have the new version of aloha?


You cannot download from official sites like vimeo/youtube/etc. You will be able to download from other sites, we just have to approve it first. So, when you see ‘Copyright Issues’ window, tap Report button below. This link will be added to our database anonymously, and then once we approve this site it will download from it again without further questions.


I also have the same problems... Aloha version 2.2.2, on my brand new iPhone 8 Plus, can't download from any site at all (Twitter or Tumblr for example...)

On my old iPhone 6S Plus, I have the same version installed - i.e. Aloha Browser 2.2.2 and there everything works fine.

So, the problem is not the app's version, but something general.

Please, tell us, if You are going to fix this cardinal problem, or I have to find an alternative method for downloading media on my iOS device?!


Twitter and Tumblr are official sites and downloading their content is prohibited due to App store restrictions.


Yea but if I am downloading a video with VPN enabled and my content appears to be viewed from a country that doesn’t give a hoot about what the U.S copyright law says, then why can I still not download videos off these ‘legitimate’ venues?

I mean.. traffic should be encrypted right? How does Aloha know that the video I'm trying to download is from a 'forbidden' site? Unless of course it's not truly encrypted. I can not say for sure but I'll be doing some research.

Out of cucuriosity; Is Aloha salty that an update to terms and conditions has gutted the capability which set their browser apart from the others? Please, correct me if I'm wrong but, I do remember a time when downloading videos from any page with Aloha was not a problem. So that either means:

I'm wrong.

Apple changed their T&C and Aloha bent over backwards to comply.

Or Aloha was not initially in compliance, and Apple found out and gave them an ultimatum.

It may not seem like a big difference however, I like to align myself with organizations who support my values of not rolling over in blind compliance with legislation, regulation, or conditions which makes no sense.

The part of this that doesn't make sense, to me, is that there are many other ways to download this 'exclusive' from 'official' sources. Google search: flash video downloader.

I don't understand why Apple has to gut critical features of an app to appease the powers that be, ESPECIALLY when the app doesn't have a monopoly on the 'undesired' ability. I could see if a change in terms would eradicate widespread copywrite infringement but it doesn't. Aloha's wonderful video downloading support isn't even the (forgive my expression) tip of the d*ck.

I would have SO much more respect for Apple if they said, 'Sure we HAVE to comply but we also actively lobby and engage discussion that moves copywrite law out from the dark ages into this digital millennium'.

I digress.

If Apple updates their T&C to prohibit VPN capability in browsers, Aloha would really be put out. I mean... May as well use safari or chrome.

Seed of opportunity that has resulted from this trouble :

1. Turn off auto update apps

2. Read every change log prior to updating

3. Don't update changes you disagree with

Lo siento for the rant. Thanks Aloha for a great bowser.



This has nothing to do with VPN service. Downloading from certain sites are disabled worldwide- no exceptions. Please note that Apple has applied new rules to the app review process:

https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/ and we have to follow it in order to stay in the App store.