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Can you make search history feature?

Completed By dddd Comments: 1 7 months ago


In Progress By Orn G. Comments: 1 7 months ago

I cant download video from IOS kissassian

Completed By Cyndi C. Comments: 11 8 months ago

Video playback

Completed By Howard b. Comments: 7 9 months ago

Can I access the url of a downloaded video?

Completed By Forrest P. Comments: 5 9 months ago

Seamless loop for videos

Completed By Hakan Comments: 6 9 months ago

Prohibit download

Completed By 철공소닷컴 Comments: 5 9 months ago

How to see bigger thumbnails in Files view?

Completed By Neil S. Comments: 4 9 months ago

Faster and Smoother animations of closing tabs?

Completed By Saqib N. Comments: 1 9 months ago
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