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wrong privacy setting

Completed By eugen Comments: 2 7 months ago

plzzzzz make app for windows : (

Completed By hunzila s. Comments: 3 7 months ago

Aloha for PC?

Completed By Rick M. Comments: 1 7 months ago

Can deleted history be seen at my Icloud account?

Completed By Enrique d. Comments: 3 8 months ago

give this app to mac os tooooo waiting

Completed By Purna R. Comments: 1 8 months ago

thumbnail video preview not working

In Progress By Jordy D. Comments: 2 8 months ago

My aloha app keeps crashing

Completed By MAD P. Comments: 9 8 months ago

Not allowed

In Progress By Emanuel M. Comments: 1 8 months ago

Please support iPhone XS Max

In Progress By menduo Comments: 5 9 months ago
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