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Transfer MULTIPLE Files to Computer/Storage

Completed By Paul C. Comments: 3 3 years ago


Completed By Ramona G. Comments: 25 2 days ago

Recaptcha on Aloha browser not working

Completed By Sam j. Comments: 4 20 months ago

How do I download videos only via wifi not data ?

Completed By Bill B. Comments: 2 3 years ago

My bookmarks disappeared after updating.

In Progress By Mimi C. Comments: 1 3 years ago

Export files to a PC from an Ipad or Iphone

Completed By Cumancar Comments: 3 3 years ago

Aloha with IOS12

Completed By Mike M. Comments: 8 3 years ago

Premium android login vs premium desktop login

Completed By Jacks Comments: 12 57 days ago

Install issues build 2.0.0-3

Completed By Per H. Comments: 11 4 years ago

Media Player Additional Features.

Completed By jap33.jpd Comments: 5 7 months ago
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