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How do I upload files from Windows to Aloha on IPad?

Completed By Peter M. Comments: 1 5 months ago

New updates have made app unstable.

In Progress By Sheldon J. Comments: 1 2 months ago

Find in Page

Completed By Justin C. Comments: 3 42 days ago


Completed By bob b. Comments: 1 6 months ago


Completed By 穆居超 Comments: 1 5 months ago

Aloha with IOS12

Completed By Mike M. Comments: 8 13 months ago

Watch normal video in 360 mode not possible

Completed By Dan J. Comments: 1 2 months ago

I can’t open my aloha APP

In Progress By 江哲熙 Comments: 5 2 months ago

Can't play videos from Google Drive. Error message.

In Progress By Iggy Comments: 1 4 months ago

Cancel my trial

Completed By LONZER W. Comments: 1 52 days ago
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