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Crashes after attempted open

In Progress By Max M. Comments: 10 22 months ago

Motode pembyarannya diganti dnk Pakai plsa atau trf

Completed By Gerry P. Comments: 1 2 years ago


Completed By Kot K. Comments: 1 21 months ago

Faster and Smoother animations of closing tabs?

Completed By Saqib N. Comments: 1 2 months ago

Media Player Additional Features.

Completed By jap33.jpd Comments: 4 23 days ago

Seamless loop for videos

Completed By Hakan Comments: 6 46 days ago

How do I upload files from Windows to Aloha on IPad?

Completed By Peter M. Comments: 1 23 months ago

quero muito me ajuda por favor.

In Progress By Marcos C. Comments: 2 3 months ago
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