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Aloha Browser iOS broken SSL when visiting websites during past two iOS Aloha updates

Under Consideration lizzzardbreath 6 months ago

UNRESOLVED BUG: This issue was marked resolved in error in another topic on this support forum.

The latest Aloha Browser update has not fixed this reported issue which is not rooted in an iOS 17.2 either from the Apple development side. Other websites work just fine via Aloha Browser on iOS, turning AdBlocking/VPN service on or off does not change inability to load pages, either. Other iOS browsers work as expected. I recommend that you re-open this issue. I will create a new topic repeating this information.

When visiting websites, Aloha Browser will forward to a broken SSL page for websites after one or two screen touches ("white" or "black" screen of death, depending on whether one has dark mode enabled in system settings).

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We are aware of this issue and as we explained to you in the previous ticket, since this happens on beta version of iOS we will wait for another couple of releases to attend it. Please note that beta versions are buggy and all types of errors are expected at this stage.

Thanks for a reminder, but this behaviour is already in the devs to do list and scheduled for fixes in upcoming releases, which also depends on iOS releases.


Aloha Team

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