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Volume config in videoframe with swipe up and down

Completed By Bob C. Comments: 6 10 months ago


Completed By E.K. Comments: 18 11 months ago

My aloha app keeps crashing

Completed By MAD P. Comments: 9 6 months ago

wrong privacy setting

Completed By eugen Comments: 2 5 months ago

Stop private files from appearing in Search

Completed By Jason S. Comments: 2 3 months ago

How to modify reading article and avoid advertising

Completed By Beryl L. Comments: 2 3 months ago

How to browse Aloha in VR mode?

Completed By Augure Comments: 3 15 months ago

give this app to mac os tooooo waiting

Completed By Purna R. Comments: 1 6 months ago

My bookmarks disappeared after updating.

In Progress By Mimi C. Comments: 1 11 months ago
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