I Can't connect to VPN on pc

By Yasin Yildiz 2 months ago
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Hello its mine second topics for this. I can't connect to VPN for PC browser.

You have closed my topic with the phrase Solved. But still my problem is not solved.

I add my logs in attachments.

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Thanks for sending report.

Try to restart AlohaMobile VPN service: Open “service” windows app. Find “AlohaMobile VPN service” and click Restart. Afterwards try to connect once again.

Let me know if it works and also please state your country of residence. Thanks,


Unfortunately it didn't work. I live in Turkey, this problem has been going on for about 6 months. There was no problem until 6 months ago. I am currently using it from the phone without any problems, but unfortunately there is a problem in the PC version.

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