Downloaded mp4 videos no longer have Cardboard mode

By Theo Zoot 17 months ago

Downloaded mp4 videos no longer play in cardboard mode, and they no longer have the cardboard glasses icon.

When I try and play them in VR they are just shown in the fake presentation leather lounge view on a virtual TV set, and not in 3D.

I am using an iPhone 8 Plus with Zeiss VR One headset.

MP4s downloaded from the same site a week ago work perfectly.

I have the premium version with premium VPN.


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Hi, Theo

Thanks for posting. Regular videos has a room theme in VR mode, thats a standard behaviour.


Aloha Team



These aren't regular videos. They are 3D 360 180 mp4 H264 videos. Videos downloaded a couple of weeks ago from the same site (even the same videos redownloaded) no longer open in cardboard mode.

Something has changed.

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