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Downloaded mp4 videos no longer have Cardboard mode

Completed Theo Zoot 2 years ago

Downloaded mp4 videos no longer play in cardboard mode, and they no longer have the cardboard glasses icon.

When I try and play them in VR they are just shown in the fake presentation leather lounge view on a virtual TV set, and not in 3D.

I am using an iPhone 8 Plus with Zeiss VR One headset.

MP4s downloaded from the same site a week ago work perfectly.

I have the premium version with premium VPN.


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Hi, Theo

Thanks for posting. Regular videos has a room theme in VR mode, thats a standard behaviour.


Aloha Team



These aren't regular videos. They are 3D 360 180 mp4 H264 videos. Videos downloaded a couple of weeks ago from the same site (even the same videos redownloaded) no longer open in cardboard mode.

Something has changed.

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