icloud recovery problem with Aloha downloads

By Evan Katz 13 months ago

Hi, there. I lost all the folders within my Aloha browser. Not sure what happened. I've been trying to restore the Ipad from a complete icloud backup. Icloud can't seem to finish restoring all the Aloha files. Icloud restores everything else on the ipad.

For instance, ipad storage will report it's restored 1.7tb in Aloha files., which is ALMOST all the files... then suddenly ipad storage will report it's only restored 88gb. This happens over and over.

Has anyone else had this problem with restoring large amounts of Aloha files from icloud? It's driving me slowly crazy. Thanks, Evan

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Hi there,

This seems like iOS issue, please have a look in here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203768


Aloha Team

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