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Aloha doesn't retain Win 7 compatibility setting

Completed Raymond Benzion 9 months ago

Aloha just freezes if I don't set compatibility

I can set and apply compatibility for Win 7 under properties but after closing browser

and starting over again - it has gone.

Any way to fix this via addition to launch shortcut?

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Good day,

Current version supports windows 7, can you please explain why do you need to run compatibility mode?


Because Aloha freezes and won't launch if I don't. All that appears is a top bar and I have to go into task manager to shut it down.

This - doesn't happen with other browsers.

I even wrote the compatibility setting for Win 7 into the registry, but that doesn't stick either.

I'm persevering because Aloha is lighter and faster than chrome, edge etc


Fixed it!

By setting the pinned shortcut to run as administrator - but not by checking that option in the compatibility tab.

The setting only works consistently when "Run as administrator" is checked in shortcut - properties/advanced.

(But still can't install Aloha via setup on other win 7 laptop)

aloha_installer log:

[0803/202333.601:ERROR:install.cc(197)] Install failed, rolling back... result: INSTALL_FAILED

0803/202333.757:ERROR:install.cc(199)] Rollback complete.

[0803/202337.735:ERROR:persistent_histogram_storage.cc(121)] Could not write "SetupMetrics" persistent histograms to file as the storage directory does not exist.

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