How to move Files from Aloha Files Manager (The Downloads Place) to the SD card ?

By Dafacir 7 months ago

Hello ! Greetings, I have a problem with my Aloha Browser App, well more of a question. I have recently held, through downloading, my photos of 100 GB. I downloaded these from my Google Photos but after I downloaded them, I wanted to put them into my SD card. Yet when I wanted to move them to the SD card, I did not see the option to do such action, only to my device's storage. Although I did see the SD card Folder in the Downloads, I wanted to try to put them all in the SD card itself since when you place them in the SD card folder, you can no longer see them outside the app. I am not sure if placing them in the SD card folder will not take storage in my internal storage of my device but my SD card's storage but I will test it soon. Now I moved them little by little, about 20 GB each time, since luckily my device hold 128 GB, I was able to do such action. Yet when I moved them from my Device to my SD card, it says "Failed to play video. An unknown error has occurred." or "Unable to read this file" (something like that). It gets corrupted when I do so, and it really makes my head ache that I have to do everything all over again, luckily everything is saved in the cloud and everything can be duplicated but I just want to ask if there is a shortcut to move Aloha Files from the File Manager into my SD card without the files becoming corrupt.

Thank you so much ! Have a nice day !

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Good day!

A few questions:

- Can you confirm that the same file is playable by Aloha before you move it to SD card?

- Did you try to move 1 video at a time? Is it corrupted after the move? Or corruption only appears when you move a lot of files?

- Could you please write, step-by-step, how did you move your files?

As a temporary workaround, you can try to move your files to Device downloads little by little, and then move to any SD card subfolder using system built-in file manager (like Files for stock Android, or My Files for Samsung).


1. Yes, the Videos were playable as well as the images were readable.

2. At first I moved a lot of files, as I said 20 GB, but that was the first transfer, the second was 18 GB, the third was 12 GB, etc. All of them (all of the images and videos) became slightly corrupted when moved out from the app to the File Explorer because there is an export option. When I moved it to my SD, that was where the havoc happened, everything was corrupted but it still ate 100 GB for some reason despite saying it was just 300kb or more but still in the kb area.

3. First, I selected the files using the top right 3 dots. Then I selected the 3 dots again at the top right area and chose the option "Move to device downloads". After what felt like an hour but it was luckily only 30 minutes, I checked it in my internal storage files, some were unplayable, there was some that were playable for like 10 seconds - 20 seconds but still ate the same amount of storage space, and the small amount of files left were playable, maybe about 10% or 5% of the 20Gb.

Also, I wanted to ask how to move files out of the SD card folder and back into the download file explorer of the Aloha App because it only offers the option to move it to the Device Downloads or to the Private Folder. Moving it to the private folder would then freeze my app and make me feel very worried and anxious because I feel like I might lose my stuff there.

Yet I will try to export little by little, but it really is a headache because I have so much files to move and I have to do it little by little. If it is possible, in your next update or just a mini-update. Can there be an option to let Aloha show the download files so I can move it with ease like before. Maybe you can place the I agree with terms and conditions or something to let the user give consent, I really miss the old version although very crashy when there are a lot of files present, the option to export was so much easier than now.

Thank you so much for answering so quickly and have a nice day !


To move your files to Aloha SD card folder, you can select the default ‘move’ option, and the SD card folder will be available in the list right below the Private folder.

Unfortunately, Google didn’t approve our request to access all file manager features as the primary purpose of Aloha is browsing. That’s why our abilities are very limited in terms of file management.

One more hint: you can download your files right to SD card rather than moving it there by selecting the SD card option on the new download folder picker screen, just scroll the list – it must be there.

Regarding the file data issue, we will investigate it, thank you for the report.


Hello ! Thank you so much for answering so quick ! Yet I just wanted to ask where can I find the Download Folder Picker Screen because there is none, like to choose it as the default location. Unless it is when I download when I get to pick the folders.

Also it took 5 hours but I was able to safely move the files out of Aloha and into my internal storage then I placed it in an external hardrive because I no longer trust my SD card. It really just takes patience I guess.

Also I really, really, REALLY love the wifi sharing option, although it is unstable when I download big files like the 1 GB files, my mobile Aloha crashes, when this option gets improved more and more in the future, before then when I was younger and I was using this app before all the changes, it was the best one for me. Now Aloha is the best for me against ALL the similar apps. So much that I have signed up for the 1 year already, plus with that much cloud drive storage, you're making Google look like a joke, very nice job. In the future, I hope Aloha will offer even bigger cloud storages but right now where it is going, it looks amazing, hopefully you guys in Aloha can add something like a backdoor so that we can internally export like maybe similar to 3utools, an external APK that can read or open the Aloha folder with the files so that we can export the files as long as that APK is active (like a Portal to Aloha). \

Have a great day ! and Stay safe !

- G


Regarding, downloads location, yes you have to select the folder upon downloading, and then it will download to specific folder by default 👍

Please note that Aloha does not have its own cloud, its using your device's storage 🙂

We are constantly trying to figure out the best ways to operate Aloha and its performance including the file manager, but we also have to follow Play Store rules and restrictions, so at the moment we have best possible based on their regulations 👍

We appreciate your kind feedback and wish you all the best 🙃



Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce this issue. Our guess is that your SD card is faulty or damaged. We suggest using another SD card.

Kind regards,

Aloha Team

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