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Aloha Browser for MacOS

Completed jha.social 8 months ago

On https://alohabrowser.com/pc/ page I can only see the Windows 32 and 64 bit exe file. I don’t see the DMG or APP download option for Mac. Can you please point me to it. I am using MacOS Ventura on Apple M1. I am referring to the browser, not the VPN app that is available on Mac App Store.

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Dear user,

We have temporary paused access to Macos version, because it is still beta version and is quite buggy at the moment, We are doing our best to release it asap.

Take care,

Aloha Team,


The iPad app of Aloha is pretty good and a lot of iPad version of apps are available on MacOS without any modification. Isnt it possible to just do the same with Aloha? I know the resolution may not match perfectly, but at least we will have something in the meantime?

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