URGENT! Removing MacOS system extension

By Aloha_MacOS_User 3 days ago
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Hello Aloha Support,

I have attempted to contact anyone for the last several months. I downloaded the Aloha Browser for Macos a while ago, and the VPN created a system extension. I am unable to remove it. Downloading and installing the browser again, dragging it to the trash, command+delete to the trash simply creates new system extensions. I am unable to remove the original system extension.

I do not want to turn off system integrity to remove it (systemextensionsctl). MacOS support has recommended me to contact the apps support team (which I have attempted and failed to do so for the last few months). The only other option I have is wiping my entire hard drive and reinstalling Macos Ventura.

Please contact me, I need support. Maybe an uninstaller script or something similar.

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I understand that the browser is buggy and was in beta at the time I installed it, and I don't blame Aloha for the difficult removal of the system extension. However I have tried contacting support several times, with no response.


Thanks for leaving your feedback, please allow us some time to look into this.

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