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System Extension (please do not complete the ticket before confirming uninstallation!)

Under Consideration Aloha_MacOS_User 7 months ago

Like I said before, I already completed those steps. However, it should not be in /Library/Extensions, those are the MacOS system RAID managment extensions. The Aloha system extension is located in /Library/SystemExtensions, and I've already dragged it into the trash in safe mode. For extra measure, I completed that step again and attached screenshots at the error. Please just send me the correct version number dmg so I can remove it through /Applications. I have also already attempted to remove and force remove via terminal in recovery mode. I've explained this to Apple support already, and the only way to remove the system extension without turning off system integrity is having the correct version of the app downloaded and removing that together through /Applications. The following screenshots are in Safe Mode, hence the black background.

Please review uninstalling system extensions, particularly network system extensions (VPN/etc.). Those cannot be "dragged into the trash" in Safe Mode or any mode, without turning off system integrity.

Assuming that you found this answer on Apple Community, which did not properly explain how to remove NETWORK system extensions like the Aloha VPN network system extension. The answer looks like it was directly copied from https://discussions.apple.com/thread/254546202. Which is not correct, as I have already discussed this with Apple and the Genius Bar several times. As Apple support suggested, please send the correct version of the Aloha MacOS app so I can properly remove it without turning off system integrity.



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Good day,

Thanks for your reply. At the moment we don't have any technical possibility to make a new release for you with the fix.


Aloha Team

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