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Downloaded files are being set as hidden, again!

Completed Neil S 36 days ago

Hi, two years ago I reported - and you finally fixed - an issue where when 'downloading' a file folder from my Aloha app to back it up, all the files within the zip folder extract - were being set to 'hidden' on a Mac. i.e. they had a dot/period as first character in their filename.

i.e. I set Wifi filesharing on on the app, then accessed that on a Mac, and selected a folder, clicked on download. It creates a zip file. I extract that to see nothing visible, until I unhide all files.

This bug has recently been reintroduced (was OK probably January 2024).

I'm on an ipad on V5.70 - the latest.

It's a real pain. Spent an hour on it so far. Please fix quickly, and try not to reintroduce again!

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Sorry. Please disregard this. I thought it was a problem, but now seems OK. I'd delete this item if I could.


No probs! I will close it 👍

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