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Update Aloha Browser for PC

Completed Lee Hani 14 days ago

Aloha Browser is very good, I hope the future Aloha Browser will update more languages ​​like Vietnam and improve more, now Aloha Browser is lacking a lot of support features for PC and in the future I hope Aloha Browser will Optimize for weak PC

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Good day,

Thanks for your feedback. We will continue working on improvements and add new features with each new version, so please keep up with new releases 🙂

Also, feel free to send your ideas and suggestions to support@alohabrowser.com 📧


Aloha Team


Good day.

i am struggling with download to my pc for the Aloha Browser, can you assist i try different ways but not no excess. kindly email me at jverwey1977@gmail.com


Hi, John
Here is how you can download vids in the Windows version:
1. Open Aloha browser on your computer
2. Enter any website you wish to download video from:
3. Start the video
4. Click the Download icon in the upper right corner in Aloha's toolbar to start the downloading process.

You can check the downloading progress (blue indicator) on the download icon in Aloha's toolbar.

Please note that, if you load a video in the browser and the downloading icon is not visible in the toolbar, that means this specific website does not allow downloading or it's simply not supported.

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