Aloha Files + wifisharing is amazing, but...

By Hrair Mekhsian 2 years ago

I feel unsafe always leaving it on, because most of the time I'm browsing I'm not using the feature.

And I don't like having to turn it on/off through settings every time I need it.

Would it be possible to have the option of it turning on automatically when you open the downloads menu. But turns off when you are normal browsing?

I also use the iOS share to Aloha feature to send files to Aloha before I download them from my Desktop Browser. But I have to turn it on/off manually again.

Please make it so we can wifi share easily, and securely (only when in downloads menu!!!)

Thanks :)

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestion! We will look into it 👍

Take care,


Nice Work

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