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Use Seperate VPN Service with aloha browser

Completed malcolm.marsh 3 years ago

Is there a way to have the aloha premium use a different VPN service instead of the included one by default ?

Several times I have had poor connection using the aloha VPN, but my other VPN service if started independently(need to manually disable the aloha VPN, otherwise it switched back to aloha VPN on connecting) seems to work better.

Would be good if could choose which vpn service to use with the Aloha Browser.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your message. If you prefer to use another VPN service, please remove Aloha VPN profile from your device and it wont connect: Go to Aloha VPN settings- tap 'Remove VPN profile".

Take care,



I was looking to see if there was a way to be able to have the browser use a different VPN connection as opposed to the Aloha one, when connecting with the browser.

Can work around it on iphone but the 'vpn' icon is always hidden off the screen so it was nice that with the aloha icon could tell if VPN was connected or notby the shield icon colour, without having to access the iphone control panel menu,

Was asking if a way (or adding a suggestion) to be able to select a different VPN connection to use in the aloha browser.


You can use any other VPN app on your device, that cover all apps, including your preferred browser.

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