Google Sign-up not working in Aloha Web Browser for Windows

By efe başol 2 years ago

I register Aloha from Google sign-up. Like Aloha I mostly register websites&apps like this way. The problem is I cant synchronize Aloha account between my ipad and windows pc. Also I cant login Udemy account with google sign-up. This error caused by Aloha browser? Or my already installed plugins.

My plugins (chrome extensions) are;


but when i am in settings


this happens. I tried to login with google sign-up and it not respond. Like udemy, google signup method is half percently working. Pls help Aloha

In the searching bar I am seeing


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Hi there,

Thanks for posting.

Sync with Windows version will be available later on when we release official version, so please stay tuned!

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