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By Max1212 23 months ago

Hi, I am trying to download a video from this page on my iPad and I always get the same error. When I click on the video to play it and than on the download symbol I get the error: Download error. When I go to the downloads it says waiting for connection but I am connected to the WiFi. I tried this with several videos from this page but always the same error. On my iPhone the download works perfectly without any issues from the same page.

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Hi there,

Please try this method on your iPad:

  1. Open aloha
  2. Open another app with splitScreen
  3. Reduce the size of the aloha app to a minimum
  4. open site in aloha
  5. download video
  6. if download does not work, reload site and try again.

It should do the trick!


Thanks, I will try that.

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