Impossible to select a server in the premium section

By Anton Malyguin 13 months ago

Good day!

And also there is something else that I do not understand ...

When I right-click on the icon, I see several servers to choose from in the premium section.

But I can't choose it )

I have an active premium account. But when I click on any server from the list, it just opens a new tab with my profile. It says: Subscription Premium.

But the server turns on itself and is always the same: the fastest in the FREE section. it happens when I left click on the VPN icon.

The speed of this server is very good!

But it's just not clear what's going on with the premium list.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback. Please do the following to restore Premium subscription:

- Go to Aloha Settings

- Enter Premium page

- Scroll all the way down and tap 'Restore Purchase' button.

Your subscription should activate right away!

Take care,

Aloha Team



I entered aloha://settings/ but couldn't find anything concerning premium account or 'Restore Purchase' button there.

And I didn't find it on page...

See attached screenshot please...


It looks like the device is not synced, windows is not connected to any devices.

Please sync again in windows by button "!" on top and right:

Please see example attached.


Today, when I started Aloha browser, there is no "!" on the right top. Seems like sync is ok. But when I click on the Current user Icon on the right-top of browser, It says "Basic account: upgrade". And when I click on "upgrade", it just opens a new tab ( with error "404 Not found"

I attached screenshots, see please.

Is this page is a premium settings page?

I haven't found the 'Restore Purchase' button yet in the other settings.

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