I decided to unsubscribe from the premium subscription because there is no support

By shirley dhan 23 months ago
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Since the new update there are a lot of issues and there is no one to help thank you very much we will look for another app

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Hi, Shirley

We are always happy to help! What kind of issues do you experience in Aloha?


Hey, since the new update I can not download m3u8 videos properly anymore.

When I do so, the download begins and also ends successfully. But when i play the downloaded video then there are only 5 seconds of the actual video that are being played again and again. So if a video is actually 10 minutes long then i will see random 5 seconds in the downloaded video again and again for 10 minutes.

The issue ocurred on an iphone 11 pro. I also tried it on an ipad and had the same issue. I have enough storage and so far seeing download issues with just this website but before the update i was able to download from there.

Here is an example link from the website but the issue occurs with all videos from the website: https://pornez.net/video312325/wettmelons-107-megapack-2020-2021-video-48-bj/

I have the same problem only on another site


Thanks for the link! We have traced the bug and we will do out best to resolve it in upcoming releases, so please hang on.


Aloha team

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