Benefits of Aloha browser/VPN on Mac?

By moderntimes 20 months ago

Hey everyone,

I’ve heard some great things about Aloha, but I’m still apprehensive about trying out different stuff on my phone and laptop. I was recently a victim of identity theft and was told that my devices were prone to malware or something because I rarely update them. I get that that was my fault, so I got to talking to our company’s IT guys and all of them almost unanimously recommended Aloha as a safe solution.

I use an iPhone and a MacBook Pro for work (I’m a copywriter at, and my job involves a lot of internet browsing and accessing different sites. Since most of the sites nowadays require agreeing to cookies, privacy policies and whatnot, I was hoping to get some feedback here, at the source. Additionally, a lot of times I also need to use a reliable VPN, so I was thinking of maybe trying Aloha’s package thing. I’m kind of partial to Apple devices, so could someone please share some info on how well the two are compatible? Thanks!

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Hi there,

Thanks for posting!

We have two applications available for iOS devices:

- Aloha VPN app - that is separate VPN service only application and you can use it on both iPhone and MacBook.

- Aloha Browser app is available for iPhones and iPads only. This is our fully featured browser with loads of features, privacy and security settings, and most importantly - VPN service.

If you purchase Premium subscription - you can use it for both apps with all devices via Aloha Profile account. Aloha Profile allows you to sync your data and Premium on all devices 👍

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Aloha Team

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