Aloha won’t download films from Digital Desire

By Andrew Roller 2 years ago

I am a paid member of the website The NEW version of the Aloha browser refuses to download videos to my Apple IPAD. (IPAD Pro 12.9, running ios system 12.4.1. (The latest version,).

Note: I did get the Aloha browser to download a Windows video file. However, as I dont have a computer (Windows or Mac), I couldn’t view this.

The Aloha browser did download still photos from

This website refused to recognize my Apple email address. I was forced to create an account at the Aloha web site with my Google account.

HOWEVER, the Aloha web site never asked me to input any password. How do I log back in here later, without a password?



I heard from an Apple employee that ios version 13 will have a Safare browser that can download files. If that works, I may not need this clunky Aloha browser anymore, or the Aloha web site.

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HI there,

Lets go through your email:

1. 'The NEW version of the Aloha browser refuses to download videos to my Apple IPAD.'

- what issues are you experiencing in this case? Legal warning/ Failed download/other? Please explain.

2. 'This website refused to recognise my Apple email address. I was forced to create an account at the Aloha web site with my Google account.'

- where did you make a registration, please forward website address. doesn't have any registration options.


1. When I try to download on the website, I get the images of various folders. The dreaded “NO DOWNLOAD” screen appears, after I have plumbed through various images of folders on the Aloha browser. (This is what you see if you haven’t bought the Aloha browser.) I did buy the Aloha browser.

2. I once got a Legal Warning from the Aloha browser. That really annoyed me, as I am a paid member of

3. I got an e-mail from Aloha giving me a password for I went to the relevant site and changed my password. Though this was successful, the Aloha site refused to let me log in with this email address and password.

4. I was finally allowed to create a password for the Aloha site for

5. The Aloha sites I am speaking of are:


b. FOR


Please attach at least one video link (URL) from digitaldesire site so we can test it.


I am working on your request. I have never done what you ask before. Meanwhile, I’ve discovered that the Aloha browser does not download from the following Score group sites:

The Aloha browser gives me the option to download: “Download here.” When I press “Download here”, “Download here” simply disappears. Nothing at all is downloaded, anywhere on my IPAD. MY IPAD is running the latest Apple IOS, and has 800 gigabytes of free memory.

I am deeply disappointed by the performance of this Aloha browser.


Hi there,

We will need direct link to - start any video from this site, long tap video content, tap 'copy link' in the menu and paste it to this chat. & will be unblocked within 24 hours!


Aloha won’t download from

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I am quite disappointed with this Aloha browser.

Everything is correct as my end. I’m signed in with, etc.

At pornhub, Aloha claims it is downloading. The green “Download bar” appears. Aloha goes through the motions of downloading. If I try downloading again, Aloha tells me that I’ve already downloaded this file. BUT, I haven’t. The file did NOT download. (This is not a matter of me being unable to find the download. I know exactly where its going, on my IPAD. However, no file ever appears.


In my previous post, there is a misspelling. The sentence should read,

“Everything is correct AT my end.”

(I admit that my typo can be interpreted in a hilarious manner, as if I’m commenting on the propriety of my ass.)


This is my third post regarding Aloha at

Aloha is now giving me the notice: “Unauthorized. We’re sorry, the request requires user authentication.” I am, in fact, a paid subscriber to Aloha. I am logged in properly at pornhub. I AM permitted to download at pornhub.

What is this Aloha browser good for, if it persistently cannot download? I have plenty of browsers for browsing the web. I need to be able to DOWNLOAD!


This post refers to my inability to use the Aloha browser to download from

The Aloha browser now gives me this message:

A red bar appears across the top of my IPAD screen. It reads: Download Error.

I am still trying to download the same file. (The link is given, above, in a previous post from me.)

I have: turned my computer off and back on.

Paid everyone needed, and registered with everyone needed.

I have close to 800 gigabytes of free storage space on my IPAD.

I am running Apple’s latest system software.

I appreciate the responses I’ve gotten from Aloha’s support staff. However, the same basic problem remains. The Aloha browser, which I purchased to download films on the internet, cannot download.


This post is in regards to the following: My inability to download films from, using the Aloha browser.

1. This just happened, hours after I tried downloading.

2. A whole bunch of files, labelled html, now appear on my IPAD. All are clearly the films I tried downloading from pornhub. HOWEVER:

3. These are html files, not films that I can watch.

4. I tapped on these various files. When I do this, the following happens:

a. I am taken to “Documents by Readdle” on my IPAD. This is an app.

b. Guess what I see, when I get there? An Aloha notice opens. It says, “Unauthorized. We’re sorry, the request requires user authentication.”

All these html files are of the same film, on The link for this film is given above, in one of my previous posts.

In conclusion: Very belatedly, Aloha did download all the films. HOWEVER, it downloaded them as html files. Opened in “Documents by Readdle”, the html files cannot be viewed, because Aloha claims that I am not allowed to see them. As stated in my previous posts on this issue, I’ve paid, and registered, with everyone required to watch the films. The problem lies with the Aloha browser.