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By V. U. 4 years ago

Hello, I use the Aloha Browser on my iPad and I really like the app especially the download support it has. I’m even more impressed by the fact you can download audio as well!

But to the point. I noticed that the file sorting options are pretty limited it would be nice if we had more options like sort by date, sort alphabetically, etc and an option between ascending and descending order.

Or a way to rearrange the files in an order that pleases us? The only way to do that currently is to move them out of a folder and then back into it in the desired order? It’s kind of a pain to do that.

I like this app since it supports the in app playback, downloading is nifty for road trips

P.S. This isn’t quite related but would playing videos or at least the audio in the background of “in the app” be possible? So we can still browse or download while audio is playing?

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Hi there!

Thanks for the feedback. We are happy to tell you that sort out feature in downloads folder is coming up with the next release (should be in the app store within a week).

Minimise player feature will be available once we release new media player ----> For new features announcements follow us on or

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