Free Youtube downloader issues

By Paul Crossgrove 2 years ago

I had problems using the free version. I'd have the video URL posted in the correct box (it's automatic) and a popup would appear suggesting I buy the Pro version.

Here's what to watch out for: The upgrade popup lasts for 30 seconds. Let this advertisement finish!

Then press correct button to start your download.

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We don't show these kind of ads, and it looks like you are referring to a product we are not connected to in any ways. So, we can't do anything about it, you should contact them directly if you have issues.


There are many YouTube downloader throughout the Internet to help you to download videos from YouTube. However, YouTube downloader not working problems occur often due to the frequently YouTube updates. YouTube constantly improve video coding, site design and layout. So you can’t download from YouTube anymore with errors including: YouTube downloader gets a "failed to download" error messages; YouTube videos download failed with "can not connect to flv url, 404 error".