ios file app delete and recovery

By Jian Ye 2 years ago

Dear support,

I accidentally delete a file in Aloaha browser through iOS 12 file app (recent files)... as I though the deletion of the file only means deletion in the history but not actual file itself.

I have two questions:

- why the delete file was not shown in "recent delete" folder of file app(IOS)

- anyway to recover the delete file from Aloaha or fileapp

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Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback.

- when you delete aloha files in Files app, it will appear in recently deleted folder but only before you launch Aloha, once you launch Aloha app, the file will get removed from Files recently deleted folder.

-same goes to restoring files- you can restore them only before Aloha Launch.


thanks for quick response.

That explained the situation perfectly.

However, Aloha had been launched. Is there anyway to recover the deleted file? and 3rd party recovery software can do some magic or put the Aloha in debug mode? Or technically it is impossible.

Please advise.


It is possible if you have any previous back ups on your iCloud or iTunes. However, you would have to reset your entire device to factory settings, and set it up again with iCloud or iTunes back up. I hope it helps!

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