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Legal warning on private domain

Under Consideration Niclas Rådström 5 years ago


I understand that for you to unblock a domain, I need to report that page (videolink) to you. I did it with a video on my private domain and on the same video, but with the local IP address (still doesnt work)

My private domain is the same as for my email (if you can see it)

Could you maybe unblock all lan-ips? Like 192.x.x.x because they are never ”official” sites.

Best regards

Niclas Rådström

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Since we have a lot of requests it forms a queue and we process them from the most requested to less requested. Since it is your private site, we don't have a lot of requests and it takes a little bit longer.

As for local IPs that is totally make sense and we'll do it.

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