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By Reynaldo 18 months ago

Downloading a video, then it went red "processing error" and reloaded the site, but now the folder I had all my videos in is gone and the info button still says I have several movies still (xx free space) and (xx downloaded)- as in shows the amount of space I have used is the same... but there is no folder anymore. Help.

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Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Aloha support.

Please do the following to recover downloads:

1. Go to iPhone Settings

2. Scroll down to find Aloha and tap it

3. Enable Debug switch

4. Go to Aloha app

5. Tap Reset in the top left corner

6. Tap Restore Downloads and confirm with 'Yes'

Kind regards,

Aloha Team


hello aloha team when I tried to download video from this link

downloads get completed. but the problem after downloading the video when it comes to processing it says download failed and even sometimes while downloading it says download failed inbetween only when downloading is running..

I request your team can you help or check this website on your browser.



Sure we can! 🙂 What OS and Aloha version do you have?


hello aloha i checked on my email and tried again to downloading videos from but the problem still persists. as i said that video is downloaded but when it comes to process it fails and says download fails.what to do help please?i am using latest version of aloha on android.