Sharing Premium Subscription Across OS'

By Jarrett 4 years ago

I am unable to share my Premium Subscription between my Android and iOS devices. Is there a way to achieve this? Restore Purchases on iOS recognizes Apple Store subscriptions only, not those on the Google Play Store and there doesn't seem to be a central account system that I can create and login on both devices. Is this possible some other way?

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Hi, Jarret

Unfortunately, you cannot use one subscription for both platforms, its two different stores. There is no option to overcome this structure.


Aloha Team


Although I understand that there are two different platforms, it is unfair for your customers who have paid a subscription to your app. You should incorporate some kind of premium unlock, once a user has logged in with their registered email or such. That way, regardless of the OS, your customers aren't paying twice for a service/app.

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