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By Andrew Fairclough 2 years ago

First of all, congratulations on a truly great iOS browser.

I sell digital artist brushes for iOS apps such as Procreate and Aloha has been a godsend for helping our customers download and install their purchases in a reliable way. We've developed a set of instructions for customers specifically around Aloha and it has hugely reduced the number of support requests we receive.

Currently when users download a file to the downloads / files folder Aloha only identifies certain file types such as .zip files with an icon and the file extension is not displayed.

This means that we have to direct our customers to open the files app in order to accurately find the file type to "tap to install"

At the most basic level it would be great to see the file folder display the file extension as well as the file name so that it's easy for users to locate the correct file type and tap to install.

Whilst Aloha's grey/whte icons are visually pleasing, another option would be for the file folder to display files with the same icon displayed in the iOS files app.

See attached comparison of how the same files are displayed in Aloha and in Files. As you can see the included PDF and Procreate brushset are easily identified by their file icon in the Files app whereas in Aloha it's impossible to know which file is what just by looking.

Thanks so much for a great app.

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Hi,Thanks for the detailed explanation. We are working on improved file manager for Aloha 3.0, which is expect to come in late November. We will implement support for the same view as Files app, and it should fix this issue.


Aloha Team



Thanks so much for your response.

If I could make another suggestion, it would be the ability to "move" downloaded folders to any location that the files app can access, directly from the download/files tab in Aloha so that you can download a zipped folder, extract it and immediately move it to "On My iPad" without ever needing to leave Aloha.

I believe you can currently do this with a single file via the "move" button in the flyout menu but it's not possible for a folder containing multiple items.

Another great option would be a "Show in Files" option which would open the Aloha folder in the Files app.


You can allow access of Aloha downloads in Files app- in Aloha Downloads Settings enable Files Access switch. I hope it helps 👍

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