Viewing capability lost on some sites since switching to Premium

By Buck Steeler 4 years ago

I have had 2 issues since adding Premium service. First on some sites I receive an error when switching to Full Screen view. I can watch in the preview mode just not full screen.

Second is there are some sites which do not load the preview mode at all. The website loads but not the specific video I am trying to view.

Both of these issues are NOT a problem when using the non Premium version on my iPhone vs. my iPad (with the problem).

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Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback. Please provide more detail:

-what aloha version do you have on iPhone and iPad

-what iOS versions do you have on iPhone and iPad

-please attach video links with playback error

-do you use premium version on iPad only?


Aloha version 2:9 on iPad 12.3.1 (also didn’t work on previous version.

Website not working that did was which did previously work without issue no linked video appears when directed

Yes Premium only used on iPad


Thanks for additional information. Please disable Adblock switch in aloha settings on iPad and it should work fine for now, till we resolve the Adblock 👍

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