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I can't download any videos from the following sites.

Completed By Luna Comments: 1 7 months ago

"What to do with this link" context menu

Completed By Benjamin C. Comments: 11 8 months ago

I can't hear sound on my Note 10 on

Completed By Betty V. Comments: 5 8 months ago

Severe download problem

Completed By Alexan H. Comments: 9 8 months ago

Aloha doesn't retain Win 7 compatibility setting

Completed By Raymond B. Comments: 3 8 months ago

Change display language

Completed By abood a. Comments: 2 8 months ago


Completed By bakas b. Comments: 1 8 months ago

Add support for Dns Over Https and Swipe down to Refresh

Completed By Jason K. Comments: 1 9 months ago

Premium user most downloads not videos?

In Progress By David B. Comments: 3 9 months ago
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