Problems with Aloha Browser the last time

By Ralf Gärtner 29 days ago

Hi there!

I had a few problems with my Aloha the last time, these are

- Since I the update of my iPhone XSMax on iOS 15.1 the transfer from movie files (mp4) from the iPhone photo app to Aloha needs again very very long (the problem seemed to be solved before).

- After the update on iOS 15.0 a few weeks ago my whole download section of Aloha was empty, I lost a lot of files. It happened again after update on iOS 15.0.1 and so on ...

And two question I already asked before

- Is it planned to implement a SloMo function for the Aloha movie player?

- Is it planned to implement stepless zooming and shifting of the image section for Aloha movies player (similar to the player in the iPhone photo app)?

Looking forward to your answer!

Regards, Ralf

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Hi there, Ralf

Thanks for reporting slower speed, we will look into it!

- missing files can be restored with this method: go to Aloha Downloads Settings -> enable 'Files Access' switch -> exit settings and pull down Aloha downloads page to refresh.

- at the moment SloMo is not planned ( we will consider it!)

- stepless zooming is not the in the plans either, but will be considered 👍

Thanks for your suggestions!

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