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Only downloads html and not mp4 on

In Progress By J Y. Comments: 10 20 days ago

No sync between Android Browser and Windows Browser

Under Consideration By Mark H. Comments: 1 29 days ago

Bug Report: New entries in the search bar of an existing

In Progress By Seth A. Comments: 7 35 days ago

I cant download from on iOS anymore

Completed By Erik K. Comments: 27 36 days ago

Some Websites dont work in places

Completed By Bernd E. Comments: 1 44 days ago

some items cannot be moved

Completed By TacoDumpling Comments: 1 59 days ago

Sleep Timer

Completed By jackson Comments: 3 2 months ago

Phone app wont send my email a verify email.

Completed By Matthew M. Comments: 1 2 months ago

not transferring from iphone12

Completed By Percy F. Comments: 2 2 months ago

Scripts arent executing

In Progress By Binky M. Comments: 4 2 months ago
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