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Browser freezes on iPad

In Progress By Tom P. Comments: 1 59 days ago

Is there a standard VPN with Aloha?

Completed By John C. Comments: 1 2 months ago

Reached Maximum Connected Devices

Solved By xKhalid Comments: 69 2 months ago

Error Retrieving Metadata

Solved By H3inzB3ck3r Comments: 1 2 months ago

How do I unsubscribe from Premium version ?

Solved By Omkar Comments: 6 2 months ago

Download errors

Completed By Carl S. Comments: 8 2 months ago

view web source code

Under Consideration By kj b. Comments: 2 2 months ago

Aloha Desktop Browser in the works?

Completed By Carson B. Comments: 7 2 months ago

[Aloha Browser in IOS] Find text in page feature

Completed By Blake R. Comments: 1 2 months ago

double the play pause button

Completed By drewex Comments: 1 2 months ago
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