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Discord links bug

Solved By Dyno Comments: 5 15 days ago

Laggy downloaded video

In Progress By Randy Comments: 5 15 days ago

all of my history just deleted before July 7

In Progress By Obi W. Comments: 4 16 days ago

Url Scheme for iOS

Answered By SarahH12099 Comments: 2 16 days ago

problema para usar VPN PANAMA usuario IOS

Solved By leonel j. Comments: 22 19 days ago

Copy text function isnt working (iOS)

Solved By M W. Comments: 6 22 days ago

I cannot use the VPN in Aloha PC Version

In Progress By Dafacir Comments: 3 23 days ago

Any chance Mac OS version arrive?

Answered By Soundio L. Comments: 4 24 days ago
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