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App taking too much space

Solved By Arushi A. Comments: 12 52 days ago

Processing error

Completed By Reynaldo Comments: 9 2 months ago

Unable to highlight text on any page (iOS)

Completed By Guybrush T. Comments: 2 2 months ago

Background player has become unusable.

Completed By Carlo D. Comments: 9 2 months ago

Missing downloads from Media folder

Answered By Alex T. Comments: 13 3 months ago

Recover full search history of the last 30 days

Answered By Ferran Comments: 2 3 months ago

Sharing Premium Subscription Across OS'

Completed By Jarrett Comments: 2 3 months ago

I need Help error downloading suddenly

Completed By Abdul h. Comments: 5 3 months ago
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