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duckduckgo settings reset

Solved By garasakal Comments: 5 2 years ago

No video download on iPad

In Progress By $ommern8 Comments: 1 20 months ago

App size ipad

Solved By Per H. Comments: 3 2 years ago

Please add another App. to activity list

Solved By Kaz P. Comments: 2 18 months ago

Downloads dissapered

Solved By Jagroop S. Comments: 9 19 months ago


Not a Problem By Johan Comments: 3 2 years ago

Privacy lock not working correctly

Solved By Carrol &. Comments: 4 21 months ago

Aloha changed language of app to arabic

Solved By Ronald P. Comments: 2 2 years ago

No webcam or microphone access

Solved By kabir b. Comments: 1 20 months ago
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